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I am currently serving as a carpenter in the U.S. Air Force. I would like to work as a carpenter when I get out of the Air Force real soon here. I was just wondering is joining the union the right way to go??? I have heard you alot of good and bad things about the union. Thanks for your time

-- Andy Jasken (, January 07, 2001


Admittedly biased, I think union is the only way to go if your goals include fair pay, benefit security, periodic upgrade training, etc. I don't know what bad things you've heard, but, I assure you the good things will by far outweigh what be minor negatives you've heard of. (in fact the negatives may be 'grape vine hearsay & b.s.') Many, many, of our best and brightest journeyman are veterans such as yourself. There's always room for more talent and I encourage you to look into this matter further. You will find the carpenter union listed under Labor Organizations in your yellow pages. Having access to the web should make that phone search easier still. Look up the number for the area in which you choose to locate, call, ask to speak to an agent or organizer. I think you'll be pleased at the response.

-- John Rockefeller (, January 08, 2001.

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