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Thank you very much to the posters on the GICC. You are the Y2K lifeline for all those who worked so hard to understand and help. It becomes increasingly apparent that there are no fast easy answers to what happened, but certainly there are increasing numbers of events that continues to make one wonder. Eventually, we will know the answers. In the meantime, I remain very grateful to be able to check on world affairs in one place every day. God bless all of you. Jeanette

-- Jeanette Thomas (, January 12, 2001


I second that. I have wanted to thank you posters for some time now and this is the perfect time! It takes time for you all to gather news articles like you do, and I am thankful to you too! Don't ever stop!

-- Tresa (, January 13, 2001.

I "Third" that applause. It is a big and awesome puzzle. One must be informed and mindful of the rising costs from the simple items to the obvious, if one has ears to hear. And eyes to see all the vehicles, along the side of the road with hand written "For Sale" signs. Thank You.

-- Gate Keeper (, January 13, 2001.

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