Long Island, N. Y. : LIPA Threatens Power Problems

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LIPA Threatens Power Problems

Insists Power Plans Be Developed On Island Population Stretching Supply Brookhaven Sees Largest Growth

NEW YORK Jan. 18, 2001 4:03 pm (WCBS) The head of the Long Island Power Authority says if new power plants are not developed on the island, it will darken like California.

Richard Kessel, the Chairman of LIPA, broke the news Thursday while releasing numbers from the agency's annual population survey.

Kessel says the total population of Long Island is now close to 2.7 million, over 18,000 people more than last year.

So, in order to avoid California's power woes, Kessel feels new power plants have to be built on the island itself.

"If we don't, we are not going to have enough electricity to run people's air conditioners and computers and businesses, he says.

The greatest increase in population on Long Island has been in the Brookhaven area of Suffolk County.

LIPA declares itself a corporate municipal instrumentality of the State of New York and was created by State legislation enacted in 1986.

It was established to resolve the controversy over the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant and to seek lower utility rates on Long Island.

-- K. (infosurf@yahoo.com), January 18, 2001

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