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Got this in email, can't confirm it of course, but worth passing on:

From: To: undisclosed-recipients:; Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:12:57 EST Subject: Important Notice Message-ID: <>

Dear Friends: Just to let you know that a friend of mine who works for Boeing told me he was briefed by a high military official that China has secret military bases all over China and they are preparing for war. As you know, the Brits and US are on high alert in Middle East so

what a perfect time for China to invade Taiwan. Since we cannot fight on two fronts any more it would be a perfect time for China to take over Taiwan and before Bush can get the military back to snuff! I would bet its the way Clinton planned it!

God Bless Bill

GovtWatch for Freedom

-- Meg Davis (, January 20, 2001

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