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I understand that Daylab 35 usede flash rather than tungsten light, but that in other respects the two printers are similar. Has anyone found a difference in print quality? (I was hoyping Daylab would put in a glass lens). On the subject of focusing with the 4x5 base, I used a large magnifying glass to peer into the window. Not perfect but it helps.

-- Margery Franklin (, January 21, 2001


Polaroid customer support claims that the only change between Daylab II and Daylab 35+ is a flash exposure, but the Daylab web site announces also a higher quality lens as a new feature. They also offer upgrade:

"If you have a Daylab II, or Daylab JR. we will gladly allow you to trade-up to one of the new units for a nominal fee. Just contact Daylab by phone or -Mail to get upgrade details". It seems that they don't answer e-mails ...

-- Marek Uliasz (, January 21, 2001.

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