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To All Who Post New Threads:

It's so hard reading through these threads when the content (usually the last 3/4) has nothing to do with the topic (eg. "Mother Teresa and Original Sin). That doesn't bother me near as much however, as being unable to go back and find a particular post you would like to refer to, or reply to, having discovered new information. While my memory is excellent, it is very short!

In the future, when we are about to enter a post, let us ask St. James and Mary Our Immaculate Mother, to remind us to examine the content and if it does not pertain to the thread we are about to effect, to open a "new" thread concerning its topic. Let us do this out of respect for St. James, Our Immaculate Mother, Mary and Ed's rather very short attention span!

God bless,


-- Ed Lauzon (, February 01, 2001


And make sure that you don't put anything on THIS thread to pertains to anything other than "Beginning New Threads" (or Ed's memory)!
[Sorry, Ed. I couldn't resist. You make an excellent point.]

-- J. F. Gecik (, February 01, 2001.

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