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California Could Be Slapped With Lawsuit Northwest Officials Consider Action

SACRAMENTO, Calif., 2:47 a.m. EST February 2, 2001 -- Just as the California state Legislature approves a plan that should keep the lights on, Washington state is threatening to slap California with a lawsuit.

Republican lawmakers in the Northwest late Thursday introduced the draft of a lawsuit urging Washington's state attorney general to sue Gov. Gray Davis for creating a power crisis throughout the West.

"There comes a time and place in which a state has to say enough is enough, and I think we're there," Seattle Mayor Paul Shell said.

But Davis, after arriving in Oregon to discuss the power crisis with that state's officials and those in Washington, was hopeful some progress could be made.

"I think you're going to find, while there is tension and nervousness in the West, we all understand that we have more in common than that which divides us," Davis said.

Davis also said he would make a "strong case" that California is acting responsibly and that the state is grateful for the help it has received from the Northwest.

-- Martin Thompson (, February 02, 2001

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