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My name is Dominique and i am an ameture photographer and I need to buy a black and white camera I dont need any specific year but I need a camera that I can buy in Philadelphia or In Pensylvania or any where near this location I have looked alot of places and no luck if you can help me email me and if this is not possible please email me saying you can't help I will be waiting your response.

-- Dominique Rivera (, February 05, 2001


Dear Dominique

All cameras will take black and white pictures as well as color. You don't need an "old" camera and certainly not an expensive camera. You need to give us a better idea of what type of photography you are interested in to determine the type of camera to suit you. In the meantime, spend your money on the cheapest working 2nd-hand camera you can find and use the saving to practise, practise, practise.

Good luck


-- jonathan Kornberg (, March 13, 2001.

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