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Hi DPN Members,

I am a student at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, I am in my final year of a degree studying Disability Studies; (I must stress that the course is dedicated to a social model of disability as defined by disabled people). For my final year I must complete a small scale research project which involves interviewing a small number of people. I have choosen to focus on the experiences of parenting, in particular, the attitudes of professionals involved during the anti-natal and post-natal stage of pregancy and birth and whether the service's they provide meet the needs of disabled mother's as they themselves define them. Could you tell me if there is a DPN in the Newcastle area whom I could contact in order for me to discuss my project with anyone who may be interested in participating.

Thank You

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001


i have only just come accross this group so i can not help you regards any local groups but i am sure you will have no shortage of people willing to talk about there experiences. i have a four month old baby and as part of my disabilitie is a split psynthasis{broken pubic bone}amongst other things i had a terrible time. no one seemed to have a clue how to treat a disabled pregnant women who is not allowed to open her legs....................after i ended up having to have a crash section they wouldn't help me out of bed for three days as at the weekend the physios are not available and they weren't insured to help lift a patient. they had no aids available and the whole episode was a night mare. i lay there wondering what hapens if you have no legs or arms or you are paralised would they still not help me.? are the disabled not suposed to get pregnent i was just left there like a beached whale. after wards i was sent home with a new baby i could not carry and two small children under three and a half to look after less than a week after the op. my mum phoned the world trying to get me some help for the first few days as my husband had to go back to work and she is disabled her self. the only offer was from a duty social worker as a favour on her way to work to help me get the kids down the stairs. we are all too scared to admit we cant cope incase they come and take the kids away from us. there is no help out there just obsticals. id gladly help you. im still angry vanessa

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2001

Hi, although I'm not local (I live in the West Country) I would be more than willing to help.

I am 22, married, and my first baby is due in 13 weeks (22/05/02). I have cerebral palsey (di-plegia) from the waist down. I can walk (using a walking stick) but have very poor muscle control and balance. My disability itself came as a direct result of my own birth when the umbilical cord went around my neck during delivery causing starvation of oxygen. This, on top of the fact that I find it difficult,but not impossible, to stretch my legs apart, means I'm keeping a very close eye on the care I'm being given.

So far my experience from medical proffesionals has been fairly possitive. I am planning to have the baby in my local maternity hospital, Heavitree, Exeter.

If I could help in your studies in any way, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Thank you.


-- Anonymous, February 23, 2002

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