DV300 problems

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I have tried many times over to install the new 1.7 drivers, but whne I boot win98, it detects the hardware and then hangs when it gets to the stage saying "Installing software for your new harware" during hardware detection.

The only way to get windows going again is to boot into safemode and delete all 20+ of the new files installed as well as any registry entried refering to pinnacle.

I have reverted back to the old drivers and now I can save the video clips. I can capture video, but when I try and save the clip it hangs.

Any idea what might be wrong ?

System : PIII-733, 256MB RAM, 1 UDMA66 IDE Drive for apps and 2 36GB SCSI drives for video.

-- Jan Horn (janh@prism.co.za), February 12, 2001

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