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The aim of this forum is to bring together citizens who are outraged at having been disenfranchised by Deception 2000 and who want to do something about the biggest fraud of the century: the theft of the American Presidency by a mob of hoodlums.

On this forum you can speak your mind without beating around the "bush" or resorting to Bushit. Here you can choose to have the same privacy as in the voting booth - use a penname - anything like "freeman2004" or "Bushswatter." The right to secret votes prevents tyrants from targeting individuals bent on keeping their liberty or voting for restoring democratic legitimacy in our country. You can also use an anonymous email address or a fictitious one. That being said, there is no reason to use political correctness, which is the new form of mind bending employed by the rising fascist culture. Use political directness.

Only a strong and growing people's coalition able to bring a large majority of voters to the polls can save our country from being sold out to multinational corporations and only if we win in 2002 and 2004 can we save liberty and restore justice and legitimacy to our government. They've been trying to sell us this lie for too long: that one person can't make a difference. When we act together, we are a mighty force. What oppressors fear most is a united, informed, and empowered people.

We have many people ready to begin today. Please ask all those whom you know to have an American conscience to join the dialogue and bring their support and ideas here.

Let us speak of remedies most of all and plan action that brings results at the polls.

-- Aldo Vidali (forum@gore2004us.com), February 14, 2001



I cannot afford to be caught. But I worked with them. No more!!!!! They are disgusting snakes. The Bush campaign was a tissue of lies. They are real dangerous people.

-- TexRanger (Tex@Texas.com), February 19, 2001.

People sleep, you are brave. To wake them will require an earthquake

Fascism will take over for most people are too well off amd they do not give time to helping their country and dont give a rat's ass about future generations. Sorry show me that I am wrong.

-- Jordan (jordan@malaki.de), February 26, 2001.

Secret Police?

Aldo Vidali made reference to, "the SS[State Secret Police]. Vidali has the advantage of living in Italy during the Facist regime of Mr Mussolini so can be assumed an expert on such matters. However, my recollection is "SS" is the acronyn for the German word, "Schutzstaffel" [Protective Echelon] while "GESTAPO" is the acronym for the German words, "GEHEIME STAATSPOLIZEI" [Secret State Police]. Perhaps the confusion arises from editing by a person unfamiliar with the facts or simply reflects the haste with which this particular smear was assembled.

-- H E Mallory (a_texican@email.msn.com), March 13, 2001.


Ted Rall, UPI cartoonist and columnist, is among many who continue to insist on the ILLEGITIMACY OF THE BUSH PRESIDENCY. In his April 12, 2001 article, he writes:

"Strictly speaking, of course, Bush had little use for legality while plotting his December Surprise. Rather than push for the statewide recount that would have put questions of presidential illegitimacy to rest once and for all, Bush's posse arranged for his five GOP allies on the Supreme Court to stop the recount -- a recount using a standard that, it now turns out, would have put Gore in the White House.

"The cynical Bush was so desperate to 'win' that he was willing to risk spending the next four to eight years being considered illegitimate if a media recount didn't prove him the victor after the fact.

"Bear in mind: Even if Bush had won the recount, he would still not be the legit president of the United States. Bush was illegally installed by an outlaw Supreme Court out to subvert states' constitutional right to run elections. You don't get to call yourself legit unless you're willing to await the counting of the votes.

"However, Bush's gamble came up snake eyes, which is why most Americans believe that the real president is teaching journalism at Columbia right now. Whether or not you count the Palm Beach County Buchananites, Bush lost the race."

For the full text visit:http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/uctr/20010412/cm/statistical_regression_1.html

-- Alonzo Garcia (alonzogar@earthweb.net), April 13, 2001.

Response to GORE2004 FORUM: Opening Message For The One Person One Vote (COUNTED)Movement

THANK GOD that when sept11th happend we had a real leader in office instead of a idoit ALG. IF AL was in charge the terroist be laughing their a?? off right now instead of running for their lives & hiding.GW BUSH IN 2004


Response to GORE2004 FORUM: Opening Message For The One Person One Vote (COUNTED) Movement

Al Gore is truely a pathetic character who remains out of touch/sync with the major issues of the day. His recent speech in Florida which I attended was deplorable. Get real Al, your day has come and PASSED.

-- Bob T (bob222@aol.com), April 18, 2002.

Who needs Gore now?

Like most young people in the South, I registered as a Dem. I wanted EVERY FREE thing I could get, and the liberal Dem's was the way to go! Then as I went thru college, I saw what LBJ's war party was doing, and I went to the GOP! What an eye opener! I believe you (and EVERYONE!) should work for the goals in life, there is NO FREE LUNCH! As the Dem's want you to believe! I worked for my education, I worked for my RN, I worked for my Master's no one gave it to me! I DO NOT believe in hand outs, no matter what color you are. 40 years of welfare made slaves of the Blacks and Whites! Now we have George W. Bush, (Thank God!) and Gore did NOT win, heck he didn't even carry his home state! (That says a lot!) If Gore had won, I doubt the world would be standing now! What's the matter with the Dem's? They can't stand unity! That's what! We are all AMERICANS, not white, black, just AMERICANS, and the Dem's can't stand it! TOUGH! I can only hope the South Dem Florida voters REMEMBER how much Gore cost them in money when they vote again, maybe they won't cry about not being able to understand the ballot, (Of course they can play 30 Bingo cards at once) but can't read a ballot, and can't understand why they can't vote more than once! Phooey on ya'll! Give me a GOOD GOD FEARING MAN LIKE PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH ANYTIME over the misguided party who has to have "is" defined! Away with your crying, America is the best, we are the best, and to quote our President, "We will not falter, we will not tire, we will not fail!" This quote along with, "Let's Roll!" will be on every voters mind in 2004! Gore......who's he? "LOSER!" Tell him to take his caterwalling somewhere else, no one wants him, America is concerned about the EPA but now the war has to come first, and if "Slick Willie" hadn't depleted our military so much, maybe this war would be over by now,,,hmmmm think about that! Gore has nothing new to say,and neither does the Dem's, they had their chance...8 years of it! The Dem's and Gore need a crying towel, but really they need to work with America, not against her! Oh yes, Bush's Approval rating as of 4/24/02? 85% Gore never had that, EVER and NEVER WILL!~ Tell Mr. Gore I personally wish him they best, but he'll never compare with Bush, and just a word about Laura Bush....Class and breeding! Something Hillary NEVER had, and NEVER will! It is so WONDERFUL to have decency back in the White House! Sincerely,


-- Karyn (WD4MEX@yahoo.com), April 24, 2002.

The American People Need Gore here is why

Only an evil man would behave as W does. Which means that at least 40% of American voters are brainless for even considering this clown a leader. There are volumes of evidence that he and his family facilitated the 9/11 attack and that the corporate media has been covering for him. He has committed crimes that call for serious investigation and for impeachment. He has committed both Treason and taken ENRON bribes in perfect quid pro quo - the constitution clearly calls for impeachment for these crimes. WE the people have one slim hope to save our country. Elect an honest congress with the spine to defend the constitution and the people. A congress able to stand up to this nuclear Hitler even if he starts another dozen wars and calls for all to sing "God Bless America" while he destroys our Nation. Fight back all of you who still can think straight. Bush is an evil man.

-- Ann J Fisher (AJ@frredomflash.com), April 26, 2002.

Response to GORE2004 FORUM: Opening Message For The One Person One Vote (COUNTED) Movement

Right on, Ann!

Did you know that San Francisco has passed a form of "Instant Runoff Voting" (IRV), and we here in Orygun are gathering signatures to do the same? It will, if passed, allow people to vote their conscience, without fearing that their "vote for Ralph is a vote for W".

-- joj (joj@home.org), May 04, 2002.

Response to GORE2004 FORUM: Opening Message For The One Person One Vote (COUNTED) Movement

Are we allowed to disagree in wanting Gore. I can't stand the man , then or now. It is not because he is a Dem. but because he looks like a wimp to me and would just follow the polls. I do not think he would have known what to do on 9/ll. Also, it is nice to have nature lovers but really folks do you want to rely on the rest of the world for everything and we keep our trees. Another thing, when the Cole was stuck the President then just order a hit and run attack. We knew who did it. How any man who is a real man doesn't leave office run from the public and grow a beard like he was really hurt. Did we owe him something. No, we don't owe Bush anything either. You run, you lose and you can try again...but act like a child with the beard thing was stupid to me. Did you see McCain do stupid stuff, no and I wouldn't vote for him either but he acted mature about the whole thing. Gore acted like someone stole his toys and didn't have insurance for them. Personally I am an independent but will probably vote for Bush next time if my choice is Gore. Now if they come up with something good. Not Daschle all I ever see him do is running to a pupet with out answers.

-- debbie (debbie@cwis.neet), May 25, 2002.

Response to GORE2004 FORUM: Opening Message For The One Person One Vote (COUNTED) Movement


Do you feel that if a man feels that he is not getting his way that he should try to frighten this entire nation into submission? That's what GW Bush & Dick Cheney are doing right now. They were caught in a "lie" about what was known before 9/11/2001, so like spoiled children they act irresponsible and start throwing a two year "blanket warning" say "not if but when" terror will happen again like they want it to happen again so they can say "I told you so". The "big babies" in the White House hew & cry partisan politics whenever things don't go their way.

When Bush accused Putin of helping Iran with nuclear technology, Putin came right back on Bush saying it was the West, not Russia that has been supplying Iran with the missle technology to propel that nuclear material into space while Bush bit his lip like a "spoiled brat".

You call Gore a child when you have Bush running to every photo-op to make him look "good", but when it comes to facing the American people with the fact that the Phoenix Memo got stuck in the FBI "tube work" along with a lot of other information that could have been used to stop 9/11 altogether, can't even face the US public, so he sends "big daddy" Dick Cheney out with excuses to avoid a media spanking.

Also this bboard was abandoned because a lot of senseless individuals with the sensibilities of two-year-olds kept bombing it, hacking it, and spamming it. Mommy! They are saying bad things about GW Bush! Make them GO AWAY! SHUT UP! WAAAH! WAAH! I am the only one left that comes here from other Gore Support Boards occasionally just to let you all know WE DIDN'T SHUT UP! WE JUST MOVED!

And you call Al Gore "childish"?

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), May 25, 2002.

Response to GORE2004 FORUM: Opening Message For The One Person One Vote (COUNTED) Movement

Don't worry Mr. T...A lot of us still come here if anything to see who is trying to "crack" LUSENET today.....Thanx for the info on the monitored Gore forum....the 'apes' that come here won't go there because they know they will get bounced.....but I am still watching with you if for any reason at all just to take names...I like the "safe" haven, but occasionally I like to come here to the battlefields just to let all the babies out there who cry whenever something critical is said about GW Bush know we are still here....we are still watching....and we are still telling the truth.....we are not alone many come & join us....maybe not daily but they do come here to study the enemy...learn their tricks & scams...and play "their" game if that is what they want.....GO WITH GORE in 2004!

-- We Still Come here too.... (floridasnowman7811@yahoo.com), May 25, 2002.

Response to GORE2004 FORUM: Opening Message For The One Person One Vote (COUNTED) Movement

Thanx Jack. And for the rest of you misspelling cretins, you spell idiot...I-D-I-O-T...If you have any problems just look in the mirror. I will NOT abandon this forum. I do admit I do like the "monitored" Gore forums, but as long as Albert Gore's name is the title of this forum then I will fight for it. Maybe it is about time we started doing to you "shout downers" what you have been doing to us for a while. You wouldn't like it if I hacked your forums would you? You wouldn't like porn dumped into your boxes would you? That's why most of you "cowards" won't even have the "guts" to use a "real" E-mail address. You are pretty brave when you can drop a rock off of an overpass at night on an unsuspecting driver unseen. But when it comes to the truth you all hide under your rocks while you find the next house to egg, or the next innocent bystander to attack and trample in your dust. Why should you be any different than the short-sighted narrow-minded liars in the White House? Birds of a feather.....

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), May 25, 2002.

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