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We're planning a migration from to Oracle 8i. I heard that is NOT rock solid, apparently some problems with self-deadlocking. So, the question is: is solid or should I migrate to ?

We can't go to 8.1.7 because our Baan, our ERP vendor, hasn't test / certified 8.1.7.

Thanks, Bruno Campoli

-- BRUNO CAMPOLI (, February 15, 2001


Baan has certified oracle database 8.0.5 .however if you want to got an higher version definately look for oracle 8.1.6 R2 as this is a more stable version and hassle free install to.then apply the patches from oracle to your oracle 8.1.6 software

hth hrishy

-- hrishikesh (, May 07, 2001.

Oracle 8.1.6 was a de-supported product (according to Oracle Meta Link). If you run into problems, you may not get support from Oracle.

According to Oracle Meta Link Oracle plans to de-support 8.1.7 in december 2003.

You better check Oracle Meta Link, discuss with ERP vendor.

Have a nice day Reddy

-- Reddy K S (, June 19, 2003.

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