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I was injured on the janesville job,and workmans comp has abandoned me ,What can i do now to support my family? what kind of support can i get from my union ? how can comp not take care of their obligation,and continue to make me suffer?they have stoped my doctor from fixing me ,refused to pay my hospital bills and just totaly left me with no options ,what is the union doing to stop this kind of treatment of it's members ? i have been a millwright all my life and now i feel betraied by my union as well as profession! not to mention liberty mutual Ins.I can't work taking morphine for the rest of my life , if you need any info on me ask Norbert guerra who i am ,(thanks for listening (mickey)

-- michael kiehm (bgp1w@aol.com), February 16, 2001


I have truly agonized in writing a response to this correspondence. How do I bring words of comfort to someone so obviously distressed? (And possibly under the influence of some medication.) The union role in workmen compensation is quite limited due to the limitations imposed by the laws involved.

This mans problem is a legal problem not a union problem. We offer attorneys on retainer who offer free consultation to members in this situation.

The laws as written limit an employers liability… they offer scant relief to the worker who may see their life and career implode. If ever there was a reason for union members to run for office, to examine candidates’ platforms, to vote the issues this is the one that could impact you the most.

As currently constructed Insurance carriers have consulting doctors who may give you a brisk lookover and judge you fit to work despite the fact you arrived in a wheelchair. We term these creeps ‘hired gun’ doctors. Your own physician may dispute that and off to the races in a contest of liars. The system is a scandal which does not serve the people it was designed to aid. Over time is was modified by self interest at its most venal.

I sincerly regret your discomfort and offer my assistance in getting you legal aid, simply E-mail me at orgagent@CarpenterCraft.com and leave me a way to reach you by phone or letter. - Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (oragent@CarpenterCraft.com), May 18, 2001.

I was also injured in the job,I dont think its just the union its the insurance companies.I was ran over by a fellow employee who wasnt watching where he was going in his fedex truck.Workmans comp has alos left me for dead I have no income, living off parents and friends,and ready to loose every thing that I worked for my doctor told me I have prement joint and knee damage and will never be abe to do my job again. But thier IME Doctor says differently,I can barley walk for a period of time besides jump in and out of a fedex truck.but they return me back to work,only problem is I failed the dot physical and that doctor also told me Iam unable to go back to work. Hear I am out of work for 8 months have not been paid by workmans comp in 4 months and my current attorny tells me theese things take time. I'm tired of waiting.Its pretty sad that companys are protected under the law, when their fallen employees keep falling.

-- stephanie rosenthal (james70@gateway.net), September 05, 2001.

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