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The Accident Compensation Corporation admits it has overcharged some businesses and self-employed workers and up to $100 million may be involved.

ACC says a law change three years ago meant it double charged on some premiums, but the Corporation says it has no idea who should be reimbursed.

Tom Bates was doubled-charged $6,000 by ACC and it has taken court action to get his money back.

His company used to pay in advance for employee insurance but when the law changed three years ago ACC billed him twice for the same year - once at the start and again at the end.

Anyone who changed the nature of their business in the last 20 years could also have been double-charged and ACC has warned the Government that the amount could reach $100 million.

The Government says the problem is too complicated for a law change to work, but ACC cannot say who is owed the money and it is up to employers to appeal if they think they have been overcharged

But pressure groups such as Federated Farmers say many businesses may miss out and ACC should be doing it themselves.,1227,29572,00.html

-- Doris (, February 16, 2001

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