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The obligatory self-introduction thread!

-- Paulineee (, February 16, 2001


It's just me, Sasha. I'm looking forward to inundating your forum with my nonsense, Pauline!

-- Sasha (, February 16, 2001.

I feel it is an honor and privilige to sign in here, and intend to sound off at length from time to time.

-- Denver doug (, February 16, 2001.

Oh boy! An opportunity to make a fool of myself in front of a larger audience than I am accustomed to! Thanks for making it possible, Paulineee! :-)

-- Stephanie (, February 17, 2001.

With all of the above, how could it go wrong? :)

-- Pauline (, February 17, 2001.

Hi, it's me, regular reader Julie V. This will be fun!

-- Julie V (, February 17, 2001.

Hi Paulineeeeeeeeeeee,
(Oops, sorry, the e key stuck *grin*)
Best wishes on the grand opening of your new forum page!

-- Jim (, February 18, 2001.

Hi Julie and Jim..

Welcome, and thanks, Jim, for the heads-up (so to speak) about the Potato Heads. I think I'll pass on the lawn ornament, though.. already have a penguin out there.

-- Pauline (, February 18, 2001.

Do you REALLY have a penguin on your front lawn???

-- Stephanie (, February 20, 2001.

A penguin?

Does that mean you're a Linux person?

-- Jim (, February 20, 2001.

Well it's not specifically a Linux penguin.. but it could be.. penguins are what you want them to be, very versatile creatures. I have a photo of it which I've been meaning to scan.. stay tuned..

-- Pauline (, February 20, 2001.

Penguins are cool.

Hi Paulineee!

Nice to see so many familiar faces around here!

Take care, everyone!


-- Bob (, February 22, 2001.

Hi Pauline (and anyone else),

I started reading your journal on Monday and I believe I'm the one you wrote about in your 3-13 entry, the one that started reading from the very first entry, because..well, I have. Anyways, I'm 16, from the U.S., Kentucky to be exact. I've found your journal very interesting, and although there is an age difference, I see alot of myself in the things you write, your views, things you find amusing, etc. I'm glad I came across your site, I've been glued to it for the past couple days. Looking forward to reading more from you.


-- Annette M. (, March 15, 2001.

Hi Annette!

Thank you for responding.. and thank you for ploughing through over 200 entries. I'm still rather in awe of that!

My kids will be fascinated (and probably horrified!) to learn that someone their age listens to me of her own free will. To me it's an added delight, that I've managed to communicate across the age boundary.

It also reminds me how miserable my generation was.. we weren't allowed to trust anyone over 30.. at least until we all reached that age..

Anyway, thanks again, you really made my week!

-- Pauline (, March 15, 2001.

Actually, Anette, I suspect Pauline has a unique ability- the combination of a powerful intellect, a ruthless discernment and an almost Catholic sense of self deprecation which allows her to "see" much that the rest of us either gloss over or willfully ignore. She is unique!

-- Jeremy- My friends call me "Bear" (, April 10, 2001.

OK I've thought about it and I can't figure out what self-deprecation would have to do with "seeing" stuff. Please explain.

I'm also confused by the "Catholic". Catholic as in the religion, or small-c catholic? It would make a difference... maybe.

Finally, I have never, EVER called you "Bear". Does that mean anything? Hmmm....

Pauline, who obviously has no idea how to take a compliment....

-- Pauline (, April 10, 2001.

What has this site got to do with tha law of inertia? Can anyone do their science hw these days????

-- Sari Olan (, May 18, 2002.

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