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I wonder if there is any objections from the group to bringing in the oil masters, and trying to find a specific solution how they can fit in the model, so we can invite them to talks, as well as be invited to theirs.

Absolutely no reason why not. It is essential that the oil industry (and others) comes into the GRB, though the weapons industries may have trouble resolving some of the concepts involved.

The problem is actually fitting the current quart and a half of Oil into the proverbial pint pot, as well as keeping space for Water, Bread and all the other 'essentials'.

Keitan you were quick to recognise that the account charges as compiled are wobbly. Talking to Industry requires a much more sophisticated and "hard" evaluation, yet this will never happen without an heuristically, intuitively or emotionally based (science cannot provide all the answers) consensus on many "big" issues, (eg relative importance of human life versus biodiversity etc). How do we get this to happen?

Previously this consensus have been resolved through Patriotism, Religion, Reason, and other paradigms. Even on this little list there are often signs that when people are asked to step out of these boxes they cannot cope and descend into madness.

Therefore the idea of including Businesses and other sectoral interests as blocks is essential because of the social and psychological makeup of their component peoples.

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2001

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