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I recently purchased a Sonar One Step SX-70 on eBay, but the auto-focus mechanism does not seem to work (and the seller is not responding to refund possiblities). It does take pictures using the manual focus override. I tried putting a fresh pack of film in it, thinking it could be low batteries, but no luck. I noticed that when I slightly depress the red button to trigger the auto focus mechanism, a red light appears to the right of the viewing area when looking inside the eyepiece. I have another Sonar that works fine, but this red light has never turned "on" in that camera. Do you know what it indicates/its purpose? Any ideas what the auto focus problem may be? I'm hoping it is something I can deal with, it's not really worth sending it in for repair. Thanks for any help in advance, K Sie

-- K Sie (, February 25, 2001


I can't help you with all of your questions, however, I can tell you that when the red light indicator comes on this means that the camera believes that there is not enough light and you need to set the camera on a tripod to allow for the longer exposure or you need to use a flash. Hope this helps. :)

-- Fran (, March 18, 2001.

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-- rs (, April 05, 2001.

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