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COME ONE, COME ALL!!! The Association of Records Managers and Administrators International (ARMA) Gaithersburg, Maryland Chapter will sponsor its Fourth Annual National Records and Information Management Week (NRIMW) Knowledge Management (KM) Extravaganza on Thursday April 5, 2001, from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM at the beautiful National Archives (NARA) II auditorium in College Park, Maryland, 8601 Adelphi Road. All are welcome!!!

The Forum is titled, "Records Management for a New Millennium: Back to the Basics and Into the Future."

This year's seminal NRIMW event will consist of four noted records and archival management experts discussing records management basics, ethics and social responsibility, transition to e-goverment, and electronic records archive object preservation.

The cost is $10 per person. Students and non-ARMA members are highly encouraged to attend.

The seminar' objectives are to give the gathered information managers, IT professionals and students an overview of converging information management theories and practices and how they impinge on the fast evolving field of what is now termed strategic information management. The speakers will address conceptual and operational issues of records, document, archival, library, infomation, and knowledge management, as well as e-government initiatives, ethics and social responsibility of records management.

-------------------------- Ann Balough - Editor Records and Information Management Report, "Records Management Basics for a New Age." Ann will give her unique informed overview of records management basics, processes and the profession and where it might all be heading in this new e-world.

Rick Barry - internationally renowned information management and electronic records management consultant, "Ethical and Social Issues for Modern Information and Records Managers." Rick will highlight real-life case examples of challenging ethical situations involving information management (and mismanagement). He will examine conditions that may give rise to possible ethical problems as a means of helping to head off such situations before they arise, including potential tensions between knowledge, records and legal managers. Rick will discuss both the emerging social issues concerning privacy, and current e-Business legislation and how information professionals can take a role in shaping these issues.

Marion Cherry - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communication, and Intelligence (OSD/C3I). "Transition to Digital Government: Issues, Strategies, and Prospects for the Information Manager." (tentative title) Marion will discuss the impact of the move toward e-government, development of records programs, web-supported applications and services, and other impacts of the rising reliance on digital information.

Ken Thibodeau - Director of the National Archives' Electronic Records Archive (ERA) Project, "Electronic Records Archive Update." Ken will examine the history and progress of the ERA, NARA's R&D initiative for long-term preservation and continuing access to electronic records as well as NARA's use of XML. Ken will describe how the major advance in the ERA research over the past year has been in moving from 'collection-based' to 'knowledge-based persistent object preservation.'

Larry Eiring - ARMA International President - Strategic Information Management

Networking/Vendor Demonstrations


We will also have NRIMW goodies,coffee and donuts, and vendor grab bags with all sorts of fun stuff, records and knowledge management information in the NARA II auditorium foyer. Information, records, knowledge management workers, students, vendors, human resource, and other interested people and organizations are welcome to attend, network, and contribute items and information for the NRIMW grab bags.


If you wish to attend, go to our event web site at for registering instructions. Download/print the signup form at , fill it out and just mail that in with payment to the below address.

Send your $10 check payable to ARMA Gaithersburg to the following address post-marked no later than March 28, 2001:

Gaithersburg ARMA Chapter/ NRIMW NARA II Event P.O. Box 7512 Gaithersburg, MD 20898-7512

Make sure to fill out the form and include your name, organization/company/agency, title, telephone number, street address w/zip code, email address, fax, ARMA member/chapter on a separate note so we can provide faster updates on the event to you - a business card would be great to:) .


Contact John Milligan, Forum Coordinatorat 301-415-6575 or if you want to attend and/or your company, organization, or entity is interested in donating anything (goodies to white papers) for the attendee grab bags, or if you would like any input on how we can make this NRIMW event a fun and interesting learning experience for everyone. It's a great way to advertise your organization's records, library, archival, KM initiatives and expertise to the assembled information managers from around the country and the world.

So if you enjoyed the last three NRIMW ARMA Gaithersburg events at College Park NARA II, you'll really enjoy this one!!! Stay tune on your respective listserves and website at for more details on this fantastic NRIMW event.

---------------------- NOTE: We recommend car pooling, taking a taxi or metro since there is little parking at NARA II. Take the Green line metro to either Greenbelt or Prince Georges Metro Stations. There is metro parking and a metro bus (R3) from either Prince Georges Plaza or Greenbelt metro stations (leaves every half hour) that stops at NARA II eleven minutes later. Stay tuned to the ARMA Gaith website for further transportation/parking arrangements.

If you do drive, from I-495 take Exit 28B south (New Hampshire Ave) and at the second light make a left onto Adelphi Road. Follow to Archives II entrance on the left 1/8 mile after crossing Metzerott Rd.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Records and information impinge on all of us increasingly and exponentially every day and every hour in a myriad of ways. The accuracy, reliability, timeliness, manageability and control of records and information are vital to all our advanced technologies and are thus the glue of civilization. Without viable records and information, we cannot learn from past successes or failures and our society's ability to be well informed is accordingly limited. Without viable records and information, we cannot fully clarify the ever changing present and inform the future with wisdom." - Anonymous Knowledge Manager ----------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001

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