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This thread is for a compilation of ideas for slogans, sound bites, and campaign literature both serious and fun. Here's a few I'll start with to get the ball rolling:

-CARE for Carey -I Rose for Rosato -Make "Y"s to add to the CARE signage so that it spells Carey(Erik's idea) -Care for education? Vote Carey -Education First!

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001


Mean Board Members Suck

C.A.R.E.Y. (superb idea of Erik's, but we'll need our own signs saying it, not adding to theirs. Too much tit for tat in the last election)

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001

Could those "Y's" to add to C.A.R.E. be tranformed to "wise" or "whys" somehow?

Carefree voting? Though if we bullet vote for Meg, we'll not want to use "Vote for Meg. Period." in conjunction with a "carefree" tie- in. :) (Just in case you guys don't know, Carefree is a brand of mentrual pad)

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2001

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this message, but here goes. Pursuant to our meeting today (3/3)and possible alternate names to our organization, how about: "WISE = Winning involves supporting education"?

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001

WISE sounds like a good alternative. And this IS a good place to suggest it.

I'm not sure about it as a replacement although i'm not that happy with SOS either.

But let's see...problems with wiseguys,wiseass, and the ever-popular wisenheimer.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001

Dump Doan signs have been sporadically appearing all over town by a mystery person. Let's start coming up with slogans.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2002

slogans for the campaign if Doan runs: Zero Tolerance/Zero Votes for Doan. Focus on Education (where have i heard that one before?) Tobe

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2002

How many of us doodle while on the phone? I came up with this. I have to admit that I had to look up "Nihilism"

JOE - Junk Ontoera Education DOAN - Doan's Onteora Allows Nihilism This was fun. It could turn into a new craze; maybe we should look into publishing this alongside the crossword puzzle in the freeman.

Nihilism = 1. The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement. 2. 19th Cent. Russian movement that advocated assassination and terrorism.

Try your hand at this. It's guaranteed to relieve stress

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

----------------DOAN'S BILLS-----------------

Increase your stress and anxiety! Give your wallet a workout! Support all those poor lawyers working for the Onteora District! Create an educational environment of fear and hate!


----------------DOAN'S BILLS--------------------

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

Support the war on terrorism!


-- Anonymous, January 29, 2002

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