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my printer is broken could you mail me a copy of these collections of articles by mail. i have meetings set up for my children and need some examples as these to show people envolved. this is very accurate information. i have been on both sides now, since i was not disabled until after a accident and never knew for 5 years, all kinds of these very things happened and very well could still continue i am fighting back without even knowing facts , i guess my heart had a memory of its own , intution and a mothers love, these people even ones meaning well would stup to any level, these are my special children not anyone elses, yet many have lied and played god and every other game, even changed records, used privacy to avoid getting caught i still might never know all . i hope i can , i love my children and always have . in cases where problems arise it is from others envolvement who won't even come forth, or admitt and family, and even resorted to lie about me and never told kids what happened to me. parental alienation and i believe abuse, i have now advocates and counseling and meetings, but since i lack information, again privacy, i fall short in every way, there are loop holes, surrogates, i never wanted, thankyou but no thankyou, i will be the one to pick who is around my kids my values, my beliefs, rules, many are themselves not fit, many are but are shallow, some self serving and selfish, very steriotypical in child rearing, i was in child care 16 years, mother, and christian, montessori, quaker, brought up by parents, raised very good, happy, my x lied, and still lies, he put me under different names its ok i found myself again! sounds so funny, they used my credit, my identity and cut all my beautiful hair off, sick, sick, sick people, i do have a lawyer now. anyway the articles would help out. thank you.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2001

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