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-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001


March 3, 2001

Candidates interviews have been pushed back until at least after the next meeting on March 10 at Judy's Kitchen in Shokan at 10am

We need to write letters to the editor and speak the this Monday's 3/5 BOE meeting on the following issues; D'Errico/D'Orazio case and Milman and Doan's decision to deny legal rep for D'Orazio in this case without a meeting or vote to decide, Transportation $100K overbudget to be presented on Monday 3/5 by Mike Grehl, Bennett and Phoenicia modulars

Jim will get transportation numbers from Mike Grehl Monday am, weather permitting, and post them to the bbs.

Susan B. and Maureen M. will look into a petition to the Commish of Ed in response to the D'Errico case and Maureen Millar will sign

Dianne will look into costs of printing folded leaflets, postcards, and signs from Catskill ARt and Office - Maureen M. will look into American Printing

Susan B. will look into SOS DBA for fundraising purposes

Jim will meet on Wed with Kathy Hochman to discusss her candidacy-we have decided that SOS will not endorse any candidate endorsed by CARE.

Irene mentioned Bullying policies as alternatives to video cameras/buses and discipline problems. Change behaviour rather than police behaviour. Great point! Please research this more if you can, please, Irene.

Janet Nelson and Kathy O'Donnell were newcomers. Welcome!

Please feel free to add anything I may have missed. Sorry if I missed anyone specifically. Thanks to all for the great turnout.

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2001

For any public educational or informational meetings that might be held, are you thinking about using the Olive Town Hall, where CARE customarily meets? If you could book in advance a couple of Thursdays that CARE isn't there, you might be able to take advantage of some synergy, especially if in any publicity you concentrate on the meeting place and mom/flag/applepie agenda that could attract anyone, rather than who is presenting.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001

Here's a rundown on the SOS meeting of March 10, 2001

Attendance was low with only about 8 of us present but important decisions were made.

Good News was forwarded to Jim before the meeting by Diane Kvisted. She has a comittment from a local businessperson to fund the costs of the campaign signs. We spoke at the meeting of the need to design a sign for each candidate and Ted has offered to help with that. He will be in touch with the company that Diane has set up to discuss options. The plastic corrugated signs were favorable as convenient but concerns over environmental consequences were also a mentioned. We will need to follow through on this ASAP. Once we choose a candidate, the sign-making process must begin quickly because the signs are to be printed out of this area as set up by the donor.We are unsure of the turnaround time for this process. Most attendants preffered the color and simplicity of the Hillary sign verses the Boundy, Millar, Rosato signs from last year as demonstrated. Name recognition was considered to be the top priority.

Public Be Heard and Letter writing was discussed and Jim proposed having a 2-pronged approach. To be aggressive and hold the majority of the board accountable for the actions of the last year and their lack of an educational agenda. At the same time we need to have a stance of bridge-building and finding common goals. Kind of passive/aggressive. Hold Doan accountable but be positive on the Carey goals attained and the need to work together.

Ted mentioned it might be helpful to find a better way to direct information to the local press. Jim suggested to work closely with our chosen candidates as they will have the best credibility.

Melissa suggested an ad in the local papers which can point out the Doan agenda and what it costs the district in money, time and morale. And to list the BOE votes which were cast to affect these policies.

Jim presented the transportation budget numbers from a preview of Mike Grehl's report to be made on Monday night at the BOE meeting. Contract transportation costs are up to 15.78% from the 2000-01 budget which included the enlarged contract transportation of that year. Overall transportation costs are up 5.54%. This number does NOT represent the differnce from 1999-2000 which did not include the enlarged contract transportation. Jim will work on getting those numbers for the Monday meeting in order to compare the cost of bus privatization. Late run costs are up 543%!!

Morty mentioned that voter lists are available from the county on CD. He will be working on compiling lists of Onteora voters but he still needs our lists to help. Please try to make another seperate list of people who can be more active in the week before the election so that we can quickly mobilize people when we need them most. Morty also suggested we should try to find a sympathetic lawyer who can help us before and during election day for poll monitoring.

The BOE candidate questions were reviewed and pared down to eight questions which will be available on the BOE questions thread. The candidate interview day will be held on March 24 at 9am at Judy's kitchen in Shokan. We will be inviting Meg, Tom, Mike Goodman and Kathy Hochman. Each candiate will be there for 30-45 minutes that day and we will have a discussion afterward. If we feel it is necessary we can invite the other two candidates for the next week. Otherwise there is no time to interview more on that Saturday.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2001

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