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Our agent in NC has done nothing to facilitate the purchase of our home. I have done: all the scheduling, all the calling, all the estimates, etc. The day before closing we find out the seller has filed bankruptcy and listed the property in question as an asset. The closing attorney says he ran the title as soon as he received the closing package from our realtor (4 days before closing, and the contract had been in place for nearly 2 months). The seller lied on the disclosure and the only thing the realtor could tell me, was to be careful what I said about the man because he was wealthy and would sue me. Long before this there were problems...we originally wanted to purchase an identical property in the sub-division which was listed by CB. Of course that would have meant a dual commission for our agent. When that fell through and we wanted to contract for the other one (listed by Remax), we had apparently "sinned". No more "anything I can do to help, etc. When we ask about repairs that are supposed to be handled by closing and haven't been, all we get is, "well I have an invoice saying it's taken care of".

The crowning blow...FHA required some repairs prior to closing that we agreed in the contract to pay. Since they were a requirement of closing, we had to have the work done. Our attorney notified the agent the week prior to cloing that he'd found the bankruptcy and to have all repairs stop immediately. Of course that information never made to us, including when the agent came to the house to unlock it for the contractors. We are now into the contractor for $3200.00 in repairs to a house that may not ever close.

I ask a simple questions: Are you sure the Coldwell Banker agent works for me? As an afterthough, the agent recommended a lender we didn't go with. I find out by reading this forum, that "Cendant" is the parent Company of Coldwell Banker. So much for honesty.

-- betsey adams (, March 08, 2001

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