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Just thought this was interesting ...

Thursday March 08 09:05 AM EST Yukon Man Jailed In Mistaken-Identity Case

A man in Yukon recently got arrested in a case of mistaken identity.Police thought that they were arresting a man who had escaped from a Colorado prison, but Roger Canon wasn't really the man for whom they were looking, Eyewitness News 5's Mark Myers reported.

"I've been kind of leery about going anywhere, afraid I'm going to be arrested," Canon (pictured, left) said.

The ordeal started Feb. 24 when Canon left his home in El Reno, Okla., to eat at a cafe in Yukon. When he was done, he got in his car, and leaned the seat back to take a nap.

When he woke up, police were waiting with a warrant for his arrest.

"I was wanted for escape out of a Colorado prison," Canon said.

He was taken to prison, but police continued their investigation. Officials in Colorado sent them a picture (right) of the man whom they were seeking.

"It was not my picture at all," Canon said. "It was someone else's picture with my ID. This person's been using my ID since 1978."

A man named Earnest Seadin had apparently assumed Canon's identity. On top of that, it turned out that Seadin was in a federal prison in Colorado serving a sentence for bank robbery.

And he was listed under Canon's name.

"They're looking for me (and) they have me arrested, but the man they're looking for is already incarcerated under my ID," he said. "If he's under my ID, (then) why are they looking for me? It just doesn't make sense."

-- Tess (, March 09, 2001

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