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Kenyan oil refinery ablaze

Source: BBC Monitoring Newsfile Publication date: 2001-03-10

A fire is raging at oil facilities in Mobasa after breaking out on Friday afternoon, Kenyan KTN TV reported. Crude oil resources and property worth millions of Kenyan shillings have already been destroyed in the blaze at the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited refinery in Changamwe which has spread to the neighbouring Kenya Pipeline Company.

There were scenes of "tension and pandemonium" in the Chamgamwe area as workers and residents fled for safety for fear that fuel and gases contained in tanks at the site would explode.

The fire, which began at 1600 local time (1300 gmt), was still not under control by 2000 (1700 gmt).

The TV did not mention any casualties.

-- Martin Thompson (, March 10, 2001

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