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My father died four years ago and we found this old Brownie No.2 Rainbow Hawk-eye camera. It is brown in color and seems to be in good shape. We just can't seem to get it open. Can anyone give me any info on how to open it and what would this camera be worth today?

-- Ray Marnett (, March 11, 2001


Rainbow Hawk-Eye

These cameras, in good condition, change hands for about $50US on the eBay auction site, there seems to be quite a lot of collectors after a "full set" of all colours.

To open it, release the two obvious latches, then extract the film wind knob about 1/4", the camera should then slide apart. If it doesn't open easily, it's probable the cardboard body has distorted, unfortunately not uncommon on this type of camera.

-- Chris Eve (, March 13, 2001.

Hi, Ray, Unless your father modified the camera, it should be easy to open by swinging the catches on the top and side over to the large hole and lifting up, then sliding the front part away from the body.

As far as worth, your best bet is to see if it works, then go to various internet sites that sell cameras and see what they're asking for similar cameras.

-- Peter Lutz (, March 12, 2001.

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