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I have an HP Scanjet 5370c which has the ability to scan negatives, but I find when I scan the processed image, there is distinct difference between that of the scanned negative. Although I can use Photoshop to enhance the image, which is the "truer" original image? The photo's have been processed by a commercial laboratory.


-- Andy Indrans (, March 11, 2001


Andy - Being a student of film and photography, I have learned from my film studies that the original negative is always the best. I scan my negative rather than prints into my computer - it is my thinking that the paper used for the print can take away from the image (depending on what kind of paper you are using). Also, the paper can distort the grain and texture in a picture taken (again depending on which kind of paper) and when printing using an enlarger, you tend to manipulate the lighting to fit your printing needs. With scanning a negative, you are getting the way you shot the picture right on the computer for you, and is a good guideline on knowing if your are shooting well or not, or are compensating in the darkroom. I like scanning my negatives at 1200 dpi, to get the sharpest image. Then I go into photoshop and resize the negative accordingly and adjust the resolution depending on what Im using for (usually for the web its the norm to use 72 dpi)...Hope I was able to help!!

-- Belkis (, August 21, 2002.

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