Fascist Plutocratic Coup

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I'm afraid your suspicions regarding the rise of plutocratic fascism are correct. Southern Conservative Christians are peripheral to the ultimate purpose of this coup, but are essential to provide popular support. The truth is that really big money has coalesced for the purpose of turning back the tide of economic leveling that was quickly destroying the basis of the relative power upon which plutocrats rely.

That's why we got the otherwise unnecessary interest rate hikes, the absurd, expensive, media propaganda, the artificial energy crises,the continued unwillingness of the fed to add clearly needed liquidity as most of big money's competitor's suffocate on the lack of credit and sales--while the big, fat boys have enough reserves to survive this imposed ice age intended to sieze the engine of competitive growth.

This is nothing less than a plutocratic jihad and, if we don't stand up, en masse, very soon, we the rest of us will be ground down to levels of economic subordination that will easily exceed our worst night terrors.

-- Big Picture (Underground@Truth.Net), March 14, 2001



I write in great secrecy because I am in politics and I overhear enough behind the scene talk to be really scared.

We are in the midst of an actual Plutocratic takeover extremely well coordinated. The pro-liberty forces are like chickens with their heads cut off. The destruction of Cliunton was part of the right wing conspiracy from the day he got in office. They continue to do so in order to prevent his becoming a rallying focus of leadership.

Republican representatives are almost openly advocating a state religion. A destruction of welfare and social security. A militarized usa and the creation of foreign provocation to set off the need of military action which will facilitate internal police control of dissent.

The turn around of the stock market was planned and executed by the Bush combine so that all the small investors are thrown off and the BIG BOYS can pick up the spoils at 10 cents on the dollar.

The complete lack of awareness on the part of Democrats who are all rolling over like puppy dogs is truly scary as it repeats exactly what happened to the forces of democracy when Hitler took power. They all went into boot licking.

Let all good citizens come to the ai8d of their country. Bring as many as you can to this site and ask them to network multilevel for four years to beat the billions on media. United Defenders of Liberty is the only hope we have - a movement to overwhelm the black tide of Fascism.

The Bogus-Christian coalition must be challenged on Christian grounds and it must be shown how the Devil tells the truth ten times better to deceive us all on the 11th. FIGHT ON!!!!!!!

-- Myself (Person@privacy.us), March 15, 2001.

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