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I'm editing a full length movie from a DV camera; I have Ulead, Premiere, and MS Encoder. I'm editing scen-by-scene into Ulead (on the basis that Premiere crashes when I click anything), then encoding the "finished" scene into Divx MP4 as an avi file. That makes it way smaller but kills quality, so to check it I transfer it with Encoder to a wmv file. I have two questions:

1. Can I delete all of the extra files in Ulead, leaving me with the "finished" scene? It's not fully finished because I need to overlay music, which won't be done for a few months. Should I get a friend to fix Premiere, then use Premiere for the overlay? Or should I just find more harddrive space? Space is no problem as a wmv, nor as a avi.

2. The quality of the avi files on Windows Media Player 7 is awful, but that's fixed in part when I transfer to wmv. However, the quality is still inferior to playback directly from the DV cam to a television. Is it just the Player which makes the picture grainy, or some other aspect which, when finished, won't be a problem? Or should I just forget about digital and edit in analog?

-- Luke Brockmeier (, March 17, 2001

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