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I have a Panasonic NV-DS99 camera, a Dazzle FireWire card and I use Ulead VideoStudio 4.0 to acquire videos and images. The problem is that every image or video I acquire shows a black vertical strip (9 pixel wide) just on the left of image itself. I must cut off the black area so I obtain a 711x576 image instead of 720x576. There is no problem with other cameras; there is no problem with my camera usign a tape recorded with other cameras (eg. Panasonic DS15). Someone knows why? Do you think that I would solve the problem with another plug-in?

Nino Miano (Italy)

-- Nino Miano (, March 17, 2001


hi, i can not let my computer, xp pro, recongnize my ds99, do you have a driver for xp??


-- (, July 03, 2002.

I have exactly the same fault it is the camera as I have tried a different model on the same PC and by the way the black line is recorded on the tape so you cannot play it bck on a different machine. If anyone else has the same problem please let me know as I am trying to get Panasonic to do someting about it

-- Paul Little (, November 27, 2003.

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