Recently we received this email:

Gore was supposed to "fight for us." Well, where is he? Where was he when this election travesty was going on? Why didn't he join with the Black caucus and object to the Florida vote in a timely fashion? I believe he won. Why didn't he yell and scream bloody murder when the Supreme Court handed over the election to Bush? Why did he back off his strong environmental message? Why did he act like such a wimp? I want a fighter, a leader, a stand-up guy who won't sit down when he's being screwed by fascists. I don't think Gore is my man.

Here is my response:

We can understand your frustration for it is very similar to what many have felt. Al Gore did fight for 36 days practically alone when even his party was giving every sign of abandoning the fight. Meanwhile our "free" press, which is 90% sold out to special interests, characterized his struggle as "sore loser" and only glorified him when he gave his concession after facing the treason of five criminal justices.

Idealists, especially those like us of Italian descent who have hot blood, find it difficult to accept the Anglo Saxon political style. In a sense it is like Gorbachov, who had to be a good party member to climb to the top and at last bring his Perestroika dream into reality.

Al Gore has stated clearly in "Earth in the Balance" his views on the defects of our political system and in his last introduction to the book (for reprint in England) he clearly has not abandoned a single position. Unfortunately, even in academia modern people are too busy to read long, complex works, and yet as you will agree it is only in books that one can say anything with complete candor. Al Gore in his book confesses to having been forced into distasteful compromises because half a success is better than none. He knows beyond doubt that only winning the election counts. Running to the Black caucus would be a political error now. The loud yelling and screaming bloody murder in an Anglo world would guarantee his losing any chance to run. After all, we are becoming a nation hardly of brave and free men. We all expect others to do it for us. Did you go in the streets to raise hell when five criminals in black robes stole your vote? Of course not, because you would have gained only ridicule - unless another 5 million went with you and a big crisis might have woken up the public. The press keeps using the euphemism "irregularities" instead of fraud, foul play, people feel it was not a catastrophe, which in fact it was.

The ancient I Ching suggests that when inferior men rule, superior men hide. Why? Because after such a massive conspiracy where the biggest money powers in the world have cornered, by deceit, the highest court, a majority in Congress, extreme right wing forces in the Justice Department, the military and the National Guard, the country is in too grave a danger for Al Gore to take up foolish ranting and raving, and behaving like a lightweight activist.

That is all right for a consumer advocate like Nader. Al Gore has to act like Emiliano Zapata and begins by gathering his troops and ammunition, so to speak, before reappearing on stage, for when he will, the opposition will have blown its cover completely, the recession will be deep, and Republicans will find it hard to divert focus by blaming Clinton and much harder to accuse Gore of anything. Let the enemy expose itself. Bush is going so fast because he fears there will be reactions later to the economic crisis he and his pals have so quickly and cleverly engineered to pick up the wealth of our country at 10 cents on the dollar.

When Gore comes on stage it will be in a dramatic moment and the country will turn and listen VERY CAREFULLY. I strongly suggest that you read Gore's new Foreword to EARTH IN THE BALANCE.


-- Aldo Vidali (, March 17, 2001


Excellent assessment, moderator...

Gore will re-emerge after Bush reveals himself, which he is now doing. John Kerry and some others are chomping at the bit also. Timing is everything.

-- Joyce Miller (, March 18, 2001.


Dear Joyce, keep posting here. We are preparing a major campaign to fund video with the support of many law experts enacting a trial of all the criminals who stole the election including the five Judges. So keep sending friends to our aid.

Long live our Liberty

-- Aldo (, March 18, 2001.


Enjoy your little fight. Why don't you reread EARTH IN THE BALANCE? It is a piece of Chicken Little crap! There is no science behind it but Gore's desire to steal from the rich and give to the poor. That way the poor will able to waste it all just like they have everything else they have been given over the years.

BTW: To all of you complaining that 43% of the tax cut is going to the richest 1% of Americans: Who the hell do you think paid those taxes in the first place?

-- Ed Farmer (, July 27, 2001.

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