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are you allowed to do any volentery work when you are on incapacity benifit. i'm on longterm sick and help out at our toddler group. i only take the money and make the odd poster but someones threatening to report me. i have fybromyalgia which means i am in constant pain but id be in pain sat at home only with two toddlers squabbling and a four month old baby. at toddler group the kids play with other children and dont fight so i can sit and have cups of tea brought to me. i dont want to give up. it gives me a purpose to get up in the morning. help.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2001



Ive looked in the Disability Rights Handbook, April 2000- April 2001. As far as I can make out you must not work at all whilst claiming an incapacity related benefit; BUT some kinds of work are allowed. Therapeutic work of less than 16 hours may be allowed if it helps to improve, or prevent delay deterioration in the disease or bodily or mental disablement which causes [your] incapacity for work. However you must consult your doctor and get permission of the DSS.

Other kinds of work are also allowed: h Voluntary work (not for a close relative). h Work done as a councillor for the effect on benefits of councillors allowances. h Any activities undertaken in an emergency, to protect another person or to prevent serious damage to property or livestock. h Duties undertaken as a disability member of an appeal tribunal or the DLA Advisory Board V but only one day per week. h An approved work trial arranged in writing with the employer by the Employment Service for which you will receive no wages.

Any problem regarding your benefit phone the Benefit Enquiry Line 0800 882200

The way I see it and from what Ive read I cant see any problem with you doing some voluntary work for the toddler group. After all you are not being paid. I think that who ever has said that they are going to report you does not know how the system works and is being spiteful. Do they expect you to stay at home with your two young children? Or are they taking their lives frustration out on you?

I too have a small child (3) and when ever possible take her to toddler groups, child minder's, friends etc. No one has ever threatened to report me for voluntarily helping out.

Dont give up your purpose for getting up and enjoying some fun time. Children need to play with other children and adults need to have time to watch their children play.

Kind Regards


-- Anonymous, March 20, 2001

thank you for your answer i feel a lot better. the disabilty help line tells me however that i have to declare it to the dss as it will effect the sort of work i will finally be able to try to do. its so annoying having this extra stress put on me. the person who is puting me through this is indeed spiteful and jealous that i have found something to keep my brain alive instead of spending my whole life talking about how often i have breastfed my baby today. thankyou for taking the time to reply.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2001

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