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My question is almost all information about image transfer is about using 669 film. I got some 679 (Polacolor Pro 100) films and want to play with it. Where can I find any specific instructions on how to use 679 film to do the transfer? I am new to this and certainly any information would be helpful.

Can I use the same steps as described everywhere for 669 film and do the same thing on 679 film?

Thanks, - philip

-- Philip Wang (, March 19, 2001


Well... Yes you can. Just cut the 3 plastic things on the bottom and you can use it.

-- dawnser (, March 29, 2001.

I just bought a pack of 679 because the store was out of 669, so I gave it a shot. A bit frustrated I was, as the techniques are not the same as for 669. Any bit of green in the slide racked up a ton of yellow in the tansfer and I had to play with my filters to get the color truer. I also had to apply more pressure when rolling as the emulsion blotched much easier. I'm not sure which I like better between 669 and 679. There is definately more color in 679, but I'm going through a lot of film, trying to harness the color.

-- donna (, June 14, 2001.

I've used the 679 sucessfully in a series dedicated to reproducing what might be called sepia tone like images. I also found the emusion patchy but decided that it added to the "aged" feeling of the image. Now I am working on reproducing many of my granfathers photo images using this film. I colour them afterwards with watercolour and coloured pensil, so can sucessfully diguise any unwanted areas.

-- karen Phillips Curran (, December 07, 2001.

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