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Nation: Second day of rolling blackouts ordered in California

The Associated Press LOS ANGELES (March 20, 2001 12:53 p.m. EST - California utilities managers ordered rolling blackouts across the state for a second straight day Tuesday as demand for electricity again outstripped supply.

The same factors that collided to strap California's power supply on Monday hit again, officials with the Independent System Operator said. Those include reduced electricity imports from the Pacific Northwest, numerous power plants offline for repairs and higher-than-expected demand because of warm temperatures.

A two-unit Southern California plant that the ISO hoped would be working Tuesday had not been fixed. One of its units might go online at noon to help the situation, the ISO's Jim Detmers said.

In addition, hydroelectric power imports from the Northwest were 800 megawatts lower than Monday, he said. The ISO oversees most of the state's power grid.,1038,500465614-500711325-503920666-0,00.html

-- Martin Thompson (, March 20, 2001

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