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"It is mainly people who have made the decision to
become vegetarian on the back of the foot-and-mouth
crisis. People have seen the images of animals being
killed, thrown around, left dead on farms and put on
to fires.

"Other people just have a longer feeling of distrust
with meat," she added.

Some calls were from parents whose children have been
so upset by the images that they had asked to stop
eating meat.

"We had a call from a woman in her 80s from Jersey who
had become a veggie. Having seen and heard all about
this she decided she could never eat meat again," the
spokeswoman said.


-- spider (, March 27, 2001


Vegetarianism is increasing in Britain

People are reacting to the vast coverage
in newspapers and on television that has
focused on heaps of carcasses being
incinerated and on affecting images of
farmers grieving over the animals being
sacrificed in the mass cull now underway
to stem the spread of the virus. The
images have also engaged the traditional
British concern for animal welfare.

The Star Tribune

-- spider (, April 01, 2001.

tofu :))

-- Rachel Gibson (, April 02, 2001.

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