i am a dealer with tons of EKC CAMERAS &BROWNIES

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i have tons of old ekc cameras, from string set to brownies...including 3 originals(2 improved original), lots of deco ekc, brownies in boxes, rare brownies, common brownies, ads, manuals, early books, enameled signs, flashbulbs, george eastman collectibles, i do not have a current list, but if you email me with 5-10 cameras/items you are looking for, i will be happy to check my current inventory..................gordon

-- gordon ryersen (bellowfellow@worldnet.att.net), March 29, 2001


Hi, Gordon, I could use a Kodak Metal Cable Release No. 5 for use in my Tourist II, a Duaflex Field Case, Diffusion Portrait Attachments No. 6A and 13, and a Medalist/Medalist II (either/or) camera that works with 620 film. Let me know what you got, man.

-- Peter Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), April 01, 2001.

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