Theft of the Presidency: Day 132


Just days before the Miami Herald is expected to announce the results of its state-wide recount of ALL undervotes, right wing legal attack group Judicial Watch is trying to sabotage that effort by announcing its own distorted results from a PARTIAL recount. According to Judicial Watch, there are 62,205 undervotes statewide. JW counted 42,724 of them, and concluded that Bush - not Gore - would have gained between 107 and 116 votes, depending on the precise standard used.

So far, no problem. But then they make this completely fraudulent claim: "a statewide recount of the Florida undervo-tes would not have changed the outcome of the presidential election." has kept a running tally of media recounts at since Katherine Harris certified Bush as the winner by only 537 votes. As of March 10, Gore had gained 1,773 votes, giving him a lead of 1,236. Using Judicial Watch's higher number of 116, Gore STILL leads by 1,120 votes. By claiming Bush won, Judicial Watch is committing "recount malpractice."

Before we declare this election over, let's wait for the recount of ALL 62,000 undervotes. That's what the Florida Supreme Court ordered in November, and that's what should have decided the winner.

Unfortunately for America, a narrow partisan majority of the U.S. Supreme Court conspired with George W. Bush to steal the Presidency - regardless of the will of the voters.

-- Christine Claire (, April 03, 2001

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