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All of today's messages about Election 2000 in Florida are not at all amazing to me. I was there. I saw it happen. We cannot afford to wait four years to overturn this election.

However, we are only 72 days in to this administration and negative events mount. No humility is shown anywhere. People all over the whole world post negative attitudes towards pResident Bush. Where is the uniting? The Cabinet members themselves are divided. Where is the compassion? His response to China exhibits no humility whatsoever. The Chinese have bullied him to the very responses they were sure he would make. He is destroying world markets.

At our house we are not sure that this country can stand another 1,388 days of George Bush.

How can we impeach him for lying, distorting, mismanagement, lack of communication? He behaves just like a dictator.

During his campaign we heard not one word about foreign affairs. All the genius pundits wrote that he doesn't know anything about foreign affairs. They were wrong.

George Bush knows exactly what his foreign agenda is. What he does not understand is that his agenda is not good for the country and it is not good for any other country.

Instead of analyzing and reporting that which we know was very wrong why aren't we finding out how to oust the pResident.

-- Sheila Rothman (FRSR111111@aol.com), April 03, 2001

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