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Tuesday April 03 11:56 PM EDT SDG&E Developing Blackout Warning System

SDG&E wants you to know when the lights will go out

The company tells 10News that it is developing a blackout warning system that would warn ratepayers this summer when the lights are about to go out.

When San Diego was hit with two days of blackouts in March, people got very little notice. A number of people found themselves caught in powerless elevators or involved in car accidents. Prior notice would cut down on a great deal of chaos.

"It would certainly be beneficial to me at home," Crown Point resident Jan Magoe told 10News.

"If I'm working on my computer, I'd be able to shut it down -- have what I have. I think it would be a good idea."

SDG&E says that by June it hopes to provide ratepayers with their particular block and circuit number on bills.

When the ISO calls for a blackout, SDG&E says it would contact San Diego's news outlets and identify -- through block and circuit number -- which areas are to be affected.

Marie Giere, manager of downtown's One America Plaza, says the warnings are necessary for safety.

"You cannot have individuals in those elevators at the time the power goes out," Giere told 10News.

"People will be frightened and injured and disoriented."

But some San Diegans aren't particularly happy to hear about the blackout warning.

"With notice or no notice, you're just going to have to shut down your business and lose money," said Mike Soltan, owner of Kojack's Restaurant in Mission Beach.

"(SDG&E) can feel that they're doing us a favor by giving us notice but that's not going to help."

-- Tess (, April 04, 2001

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