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Advice on which slide printer to buy? Daylab's new series are the Daylab 35 (was the Jr.) and the Daylab 35 Plus (was the II). The 35 is a 669-size film only. The 35 Plus apparently (it is difficult to get information that is accurate) comes with a 4x5 back and can be used with 8x10 and the 669-size film, with additional backs at additional cost.

The 35 is ~$130 The 35 Plus is ~$300 + $80 for the 669-sized back.

The math is simple, the 35 Plus is 3x as expensive.

As a beginner, I'll burn up a lot of film and the 669 is probably all I can afford. Later (and I notice most galleries on the web), maybe I'll be able to justify 4x5, but likely never 8x10.

What about scanning the 669-sized image with a good flatbed scanner and outputing on watercolor paper a larger image? Granted, it is not an original any longer. A scanner and a Daylab 35 are about the same cost as a 35 Plus.

Insights and thoughts appreciated.


-- Toba Janos (, April 04, 2001


Hi Toba!

I would recommend getting the 35 Plus. I debated the same thing when I was getting started, whether to get the Jr. or the II and I ended up getting the II and I am really glad. I enjoy being able to do the 8x10's and see my work that large. It is a lot different than the 3x4's. And at least that way you have the option of going bigger. I looked at (that is where I got mine) and they have the 35 Plus for $300 and it comes with the 3x4 base and a rebate for free film right now it looks like. Then if you decide to go bigger you can get a lot of used equipment off Ebay for cheaper and if you decide you don't like Polaroid transfers (heaven forbid!) you could sell your slide printer on Ebay too! It would probably also work fine to use the scanner and blow them up onto watercolor paper. I think that would look good but you would miss out on getting to work with the transfer that large yourself. You could decide if that matters to you though. But if you are deciding between a scanner and a 35 Plus I would go with the 35 Plus.

Good luck! Angela

-- Angela (, April 04, 2001.

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