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Can the Polaroid ColorShot digital printers use 669 or other peel apart films?

-- Tim Lewis (, April 04, 2001


Hi Tim -- Did you mean to post this to the whole list? Just checking!

Check out: printer/colorshot/index.html

It's the polaroid page on this printer. It says: Q: Can I use any other kind of film in the printer besides ColorShot film? A: Yes, you can use Spectra or Spectra Platinum film in the printer. These films are available in your local drugstore, department store, or gas station.

Do you know what size prints this film produces?

Unfortunately, since I only use Time Zero film, I am not sure if Spectra or Spectra Platinum are peel-apart film or not. Sorry!

Check out ebay for good prices -- I decided against getting one bc it can't take my kin of film.


-- Patricia Figliola Lewis (, April 04, 2001.


The spec page says "...ColorShot Digital Photo printer film, Polaroid Image Film, Polaroid Spectra Film." In Polaroid lingo I couldn't figure out what Image Film was so I am assuming that the Colorshot isn't any good for transfers. I think they missed a great opportunity with this little omission.

-- Tim Lewis (, April 04, 2001.

No, but i just converted a colorshot to use 669 and have already made polaroid transfers from some of my digital images.

-- Scott Krebs (S.KREBS@VERIZON.NET), February 17, 2002.

Scott, What did you do to make the conversion and what was the source of the back?



-- Tim Lewis (, February 17, 2002.

I used an old polaroid camera I got for $5.00, then cut it down to the film back. I took apart the colorshot removed the film ejection assembly and put my new film back in. Some two part epoxy and black duct tape and I was done. I ordered two colorshot printers because I thought I might have problems, but it went together in a snap. I am going to work on the second one this week.

-- Scott Krebs (S.KREBS@VERIZON.NET), February 20, 2002.

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