Which Bible study program for $150?

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I have QuickVerse Version 3.0 Deluxe and would like to upgrade to a newer version. QV 7.0 Deluxe seems to have the most translations and study helps, but Biblesoft PC Study Bible Complete and Nelson Professional are about the same price. Anyone care to comment on the pros and cons of these choices?

-- Joseph Austin (jaustin-ncsu@nc.rr.com), April 05, 2001


its like comparing apples and oranges.. Biblesoft has probably best reference works for study use, but nelson gives you access to Logos software. My personal choice would be GRAMCORD for serious bible study

-- david a. chase (dchase@ldmtechnologies.com), April 25, 2001.

I'd go another way, after using all of the programs mentioned here, I'd go with the new Logos Series X, (Libronix) I have and use about 6 different programs, and Logos Series X is the best.

-- Ben Sprouse (Sprousehouse@netscape.net), May 18, 2002.

you can't beat quickverse for what you get and the price, especially if you purchased it with a discount. i have about 7 different bible softwares and i like quickverse very much because the cutting and pasting is so easy to do and it can be reference.

the downside of QV is the search engine, which is slow. the solution, buy a very inexpensive version of wordsearch and you've got it made. wordsearch is much quicker but doesn't allow referencing your sources (i am willing to be corrected on this)

i also use libronix scholar's software. the search engine is slower than the logos version and thus disappointing but it does footnote very well.

-- darryl fong (darryl_fong@juno.com), July 13, 2002.

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