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Dear Sir, I am gathering information on an art deco residential building in Balham, south London, called Du Cane Court, with an aim to writing a book. My research has proved particularly difficult with regard to discovering anything about the architect, George Kay Green - who I have reason to believe may have been American - and the reputedly famous landscape gardener, Seyemon Kusumoto, who was Japanese. There is very little information in England - and NO information at all about George Kay Green at the Royal Institute of British Architects - or any of a dozen or more likely places. If you can furnish me with any information about this architect, I would be grateful. Thanks, Greg Vincent (Please reply either to this email address or to

-- Gregory K. Vincent (, April 07, 2001


Hello Gregory,

I stumbled upon your request for details of the architect George Kay Green whilst trying to gather information on 'Du Cane Court' in London. Unfortunatley, I cannot help, but was wondering if you ever did write your book?

I lived in a 1930's mansion apartment in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK) and over the years, my interest in such Art Deco blocks has been fuelled. I am considering researching them too with the view to writing a book but alas, none of my friends or peers are remotely interested in this period of architecture, so I am delighted to read that you are!

I am going to be studying to become an Architect in the very near future and would love to know where to get hold of a book such as yours!

Best wishes,

E J Brown

-- Ellisa Brown (, March 04, 2005.

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