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Thanks to Bush and family, America is updating "The Ugly American" image. Richard Reeves in his 4/5/01 article: "The Superpower Everyone Loves To Hate," tells us how:

"It's just outrageous, isn't it, that those fool Chinese don't understand what a privilege it is to be spied upon by the United States? Do you think they're upset that we have paid bounties in the millions of dollars to defectors from their country and others who have stolen their planes or codes and handed them over for American inspection?

"Remember the Russian pilot who defected with a new MIG-25 and turned it over to us in Japan a few years ago? We, of course, gave the plane back -- nine weeks later, in packing crates.

"By then, obviously, we knew everything there was to know about the MIG-25. You say the Russkies didn't like that? Tough.There is such a thing as the right of a superpower, the global equivalent of the 800-pound gorilla, with sleeping rights wherever and whenever he wants them..."

Check out the rest at:http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ucrr/20010405/cm/the_superpower_everyone_loves_to_hate_1.html

-- Jennifer Briton (jenniferbriton@usanet.com), April 09, 2001

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