Has anyone ever grown lavendar from seed?

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I have several packages of lavendar and was thinking I'd actually try planting some of it. Does anyone know the best way? Do I direct seed or plant in pots and transplant?

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), April 10, 2001


I've heard that best germination is obtained from sandy, gravelly soil. I resorted to buying starts and hoping they'll self sow in time. I've heard that they can be grown from cuttings but I haven't tried this yet.

-- Rebekah (daniel@itss.net), April 10, 2001.

I tried to grow it this year in those little jiffy pots. I don't know if the invading mouse got it or if the seed just wasn't happy with the soil, but nada. If I see it as started plants I intend to buy them. Maybe the gravelly dirt thing was my problem. But I do believe that you should start them and transplant from what I have read on it.

-- Dreen (bisquit@here.com), April 10, 2001.

Last year I started lavender from seed. I started it indoors, same time as tomatoes (even in the same tray). I used a soil-less mix and they did fine.

I can get it to grow... just can't keep it alive...

My trouble is that I keep forgetting to bring it in in the winter. I've heard that it will over-winter in the mid-west, but mine never has. Don't think it will here, either....

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), April 12, 2001.

I started with one English lavender plant. It has successfully reseeded in the clay soil around my house in Aurora,CO, zone5, it winters over, so far. This may be a great xeriscape plant!

-- John Nelson (jlnelson51@attbi.com.us), August 03, 2002.

I have started lavendar from seed but have never been sucessful with profuse blossoming. The leaves are just lovely though! Very disapointing! i would love to know how to grow it and get it to flower, also what are the soil conditions suppossed to be like? Thanks.... for any info...

-- Judy Hede (garlicislife@aol.com), August 05, 2003.

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