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MAC : OS 9.0 Premier 6.0

When I capture DV to my hardrive, I am whitnessing several problems. Premiere seems to be dropping frames. On playback, the video clips are sped up and the sound is messed up. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Do you know of any fixes / solutions for these problems? I have searched Adobe's sites and Premiere's manual's and had found no answers.

Frustratingly patient, *justin k

-- justin klein (, April 10, 2001


Some times wen you have to much chanels open ( for example 4 lines of sound, and three video Chanels ) the video start to get corrupt and I have found that making a copy just for the audio, and another for just the video, smooth it to normal speed. Then you can make your changes in those copies whitout having the problem. try original, copy sound A, and copy video B. Good luck. Roberto.

-- Roberto Llerena (, November 12, 2001.

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