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I've been trying to get more info on bible windows besides that which comes from Silver Mountain. This program looks very interesting! but would like more info. It looks like the best program for indepth study is bibleworks but I'd still be interested in comments that compare the two as well as against logos' Scholars edition. I am a Pastor and have learned greek and Hebrew in seminary though these skills are rusty. Thanks!

-- Rod Houppert (, April 11, 2001


I have used both programs. Briefly, Bible Windows is more intuitive to use than is BibleWorks, has the advantage of interlinear glosses beneath the Hebrew OT and Greek NT (BibleWorks has a separate pane or window with parsing information), has enough major Hebrew and Greek tools for exegesis (though fewer than BibleWorks), and is relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, if you figured the price of each work within BibleWorks, and wanted more works, then BibleWorks probably has the most bang for the buck in exegetical tools. The main drawback of BibleWorks is that the nonstandard interface takes some getting used to. However, once you master BibleWorks, it offers a lot of flexibility in constructing searches, etc. I have seen claims that BibleWorks will yield the most-accurate searches of so-and-so conjugations, etc. But either is probably adequate for most Bible students' needs. You can find a review of BibleWorks at a Web site I maintain ( There is a review of Bible Windows on the Silver Mountain Software site, (as there are other reviews of BibleWorks on Hermeneutika's Web site, Hope this helps.

-- Marshall Surratt (, April 14, 2001.

I own and use Logos scholar's software- best English study helps, very good reference books in collection on CD, but uses older Greek Hebrew texts... Bible Windows 6.0 has new Greel lexicon, updated LXX and Hebrew texts, and can now use abridged Kittle and BAGD... Bibleworks has most advanced searching in original texts, but harder to use... I would suggest Bible Windows 6.0, with add-0ns of abridged Kittle and BAGD....

-- david allen chase (, May 21, 2001.

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