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I'm trying to build out a PC that I intend to use for general purpose applications, but mainly for editing DV. I'd like to base it on AMD hardware using dual Athlon 1.3 Ghz processors (when an appropriate motherboard comes out).

Does anyone know of any problems or downsides to using AMD hardware with Canopus cards or any other editing related issues?

(Planning on running Win NT)

Also, any recomendations on high quality monitors to pare with an editing system?


-- David Pelszynski (, April 13, 2001


Don't bother with dual CPU's unless you are certain the software you are going to be using supports it. If you are using any of the standard stuff including the stuff talked about in the other messages, you will not benifit from dual CPU's.

I use AMD and Intel but not Canopus and I prefer AMD but haven't had any problems other then with cheap hardware.

-- shane (, July 26, 2001.

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