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I'm in much need of setting a Disaster Recovery Plan for my Databases(Oracle and Sybase) and in that note, I'd greatly appreciated if somebody could provide me with some template, example or guidelines to achive this goal.

Thanks in advance.

Oscar Martinez

-- Oscar Martinez (, April 19, 2001


You might want to check out - I have seen a few things advertised there that might help you out. For example, check out this URL for a CD-ROM of templates and checklists:;jsessio nid=MQPGTB3AOHO2WCTEAALCFFQ?_requestid=80991

Or perhaps this one for a Disaster Planning & Recovery resource book:;jsessio nid=MQPGTB3AOHO2WCTEAALCFFQ?_requestid=81053

-- Craig S. Mullins (, August 13, 2001.

ummmmm so i saz to mable lol

-- Mike Hunt (, January 04, 2005.

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