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For what it is worth to other novices: My decision about whether to buy a Daylab 35 or 35Plus, was to buy the 35 at $130, rather than the 35Plus + 3x4 holder st $370. I received good advice to go the other way, but decided on the 35 because the difference in money ($240) provides funds for about 240 3x4 exposures on which to learn There are some disadvantages to the 35 (no cropping being the biggest), however for most of my photo experience, I tend to go with the highest-end equipment I can afford(?) and then the budget is too sunk and I don't have funds to buy film, processing, etc., so I don't shoot enough after that (just fondle the equipment ;-)). I am seeing the light after 20 years that a K1000 with a f/2 50mm used to shoot thousands of frames would make a better photographer than any super AF and a few frames per month. If I love transfers after 250 exposures, I'll sell the 35 for $60 to someone on this group and venture into 4x5 and beyond. with a trade-up to the 35Plus. Hope this is useful.

-- Toba Janos (, April 20, 2001


Actually your contribution was very helpful. I am in the same boat rightnow. My fiance and I are going to use polaroid transfers for our invitations. I think it may be best to get good at the 35 (which is big enough for our invites) and upgrade to the 35+ as we see ourselves needing to advance our skills. Our wedding will be exensive enough and I am sure will spend enough on film to make these invitations.

Thanks helping with the decision! Jeff Campbell (

-- Jeff Campbell (, January 07, 2002.

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