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Hello everyone. I hope you find this discussion board helpful. It was created due to censoring now occurring on major message boards such as Yahoo, the Raging Bull and Silicon Investor.

It is quite startling that Yahoo permits personal slander, yet doesn't allow substantive comments on investment related topics. Perhaps they are now desperate due to the success of Microsoft's Pyramid Scheme, as also evidenced by their recent further foray into pornography, that they have impaired their integrity by trying to please major advertisers.

Also startling is the extent to which major news departments, including the NY Times, are being censored by management in an effort to please large advertisers, of which Microsoft may be the largest, especially given overall declining ad revenues.

It is important to note that one ingenious aspect of Microsoft's scheme is to disable their competitors from using a reasonable revenue model, for example Yahoo charging $5 per month.

Microsoft has mandated a model, through leverage from its monopoly, solely predicated on allowing its competitors to sell privacy, often called "eyeballs" in computer parlance.

All substantive comments will be allowed provided they do not include insults or profanity. Also note that I will try to keep this area structured by not allowing more than 15 unique questions at any time. Please respond by using the existing categories rather than creating related new ones for every question.

Let's give our free market democracy a real chance with this brilliant software developed by Phil Greenspun of MIT. See for more information on Phil.

Most sincerely,
Bill Parish

-- Bill Parish (, April 20, 2001

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